Sarah Connor

CEO and Chief Happiness Instigator

Sarah Connor founded Spreading Happy in 2010, in Adelaide Australia, when she was inspired to bring more happy to the world by shaking people from limiting focus patterns and routines. Her work is deeply motivated by a belief that when people are enlivened, fulfilled and less stressed, they are better able to contribute to a happier, healthier world for everyone, and for the planet itself.

Sarah is a published poet, a performance artist, an educator, creative director, and public speaker.

Hannah Beale

Bodacious Blogger

Hannah Beale stumbled across Sarah and the Spreading Happy Team in August of 2014. She fell in love with the joyful work that was being created to help make people smile, it is a simple, free, priceless gift. Hannah believes that finding happiness is the number one feeling we all seek as human beings. When we are happy, everyone around us is happy, and we attract positive circumstances into our lives. We want to be kind, help others, and share our joy!

But the number one question was… what could Hannah do to contribute to this fantastic team? Easy, write! Writing comes so naturally for Hannah so it made sense for her to be Spreading Happy’s Content Manager. She has been inspired to spread positive messages all over the world and help grow awareness to move into a positive, clean and green future.

Karin Roberts

Gracious Graphic Guru

Karin has always been inspired to do something to help and give back to the community. Her friend mentioned Spreading Happy and the projects they have been focused on, she loved the idea and immediately knew it was a team she wanted to be a part of. Karin felt very honoured that she was able to add her skills as a graphic designer to the table and create positive messages to share with the Universe. Being part of the SH team is something that Karin deeply values and is excited to tackle new projects as they come.